Priority Banking
Priority & Retail Banking Certified
Adviser (PRCA) Level 3

Adopting a business owner mind-set for affluent and high net worth client management

The Priority & Retail Banking Certified Adviser (PRCA) Level 3 represents the highest level of proficiencies to be attained under IBF Skills Framework for Retail Banking - Sales & Relationship Management.

It is designed for persons with more than 8 years of combined experience across priority, personal and consumer or retail branch banking. While the focus remains on individual competencies, persons who manage a team or branch will also stand to benefit from this high impact programme.

This programme guides participants to approach their roles and management of clients with an entrepreneurial mindset that will differentiate them as senior advisors and managers and equips them with skills to navigate their clients through these challenging times whilst exceeding organisational objectives. Participants will gain skills to operate successfully in a high-performance environment through business planning, stakeholder management, risk assessment, environment analysis, and ethical oversight.

Our Level 3 programme has three individually accredited modules which the learner can choose from and completed as a single module:

  • 1. Client Advisory (Relationship Management)
  • 2. Wealth Advisory (Investment Planning)
  • 3. Growing Your Business

Modules 1 and 2 are the same in PRCA Level 2. Participants who have completed these modules earlier in Level 2 are exempted and can proceed to Module 3.

Module 3 Growing Your Business is unique to PRCA Level 3.

Together, all three modules will impart specific skills and competencies aimed at delivering the highest level of client management skills for affluent and high net worth clients.

Persons who complete all modules will be eligible for IBF certification. This leading programme has been accredited against the latest IBF Skills Framework and will commence in Q1 of 2021.


Participants are not required to complete all three modules and may choose to complete modules which meet their learning needs as well as fulfil their required CPD hours.

For those who wish to achieve IBF Level 3 certification, a possible learning pathway would be one taken over 2 years.

Numbers of modules shown on the diagram above are for illustrative purpose only. Please contact our programme manager to find out how many modules you need to take in order to get Priority & Retail Banking Certified Adviser (PRCA) Level 3 accreditation.

Modules Full Fees (S$)

Client Advisory (Relationship Management) 1,498

This classroom module is available both under PRCA Level 2 and Level 3. It covers skills to formulate and apply plans for existing clients to deepen relationships through a wider understanding of the client, uncovering opportunities through account review as well as leveraging on internal partners such as specialists and service managers. A class exercise will allow the learner to practise this.

The learner will be taught a framework that can be applied to gather the client's needs and wants and what is met and unmet. Client account optimisation, negotiation skills, and retention strategies will also be shared.

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now”- Alan Lakein

TThis classroom module is available both under PRCA Level 2 and Level 3. It teaches the process and benefits of financial advisory and how best to identify clients' needs based on different profiles and life stages. The learner is taught a framework that broadly covers four core focus of most clients, how to start such conversations, and arrive at a plan which covers investment, insurance, assets & liabilities, sources of current and future income.

The learner will gain insights of key criteria for consideration when making recommendation for clients and how to identify the features and benefits of each recommendation to clients.

This two-day classroom is only available under PRCA Level 3. It brings together what was learned in the two one-day modules under PRCA Level 3 and encourages the learner to adopt a business owner mindset and perspective when managing affluent to high net worth clients.

The advisor or manager who sees their portfolio of clients through the lens of a business owner will adopt a longer-term view to ensure the business grows and remains sustainable. To do so, the learner will be taught critical skills such as setting a business plan, managing internal or external stakeholders as well as understanding the risk, regulations, and ethics governing their client engagement and recommendations.

Certification & Funding

Upon successful completion of the programme and passing of all assessments, participants will be:


    Awarded the WMI Certificate of Achievement for Priority & Retail Banking Certified Adviser Level 3


    Eligible for the IBF Advanced (Level 3) Certification for Retail Banking
    - Sales and Relationship Management

The IBF Retail Banking - Sales & Relationship Management Skills Framework covers both personal banking and priority banking.

Participants can take any of the four modules and each will provide FAA CPD hours and WMI certification.

However, to be eligible for IBF certification, participant would need to have all required CMFAS modules, more than 8 years combined relevant experience and complete all four modules’ training and assessments within 5 years.

IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS) Funding

This programme is eligible for funding under the IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS), subject to participants meeting all eligibility criteria.

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Who will benefit from PRCA Level 3

This programme is designed for those with more than 8 years combined experience of managing and advising clients.

  • Senior Relationship Manager and Senior Assistant Relationship Manager in priority banking or private client
  • Branch Managers or Assistance Branch Manager in retail and consumer banking
  • Senior financial and insurance advisors managing affluent to high net worth clients

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